King William IV, Byttom Hill, Mickleham, Surrey, RH5 6EL
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About Us

Nestling above the A24 with panoramic views of the Mole Valley, near Dorking in Surrey, The King William IV Free house and Restaurant offers award winning food, stunning views and a perfect location.

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King William IV
Byttom Hill
Surrey, RH5 6EL

01372 372590

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The King William IV
The A-24 is finally fully reopen after a tough eleven days -
We at the King William, Mickleham are raring to go and would love to host you in our stunning gardens with stunning views today & all weekend!

4:30pm- 7:30pm In Our Garden
Sunday 28th July - Poppy Parfitt 
Sunday 11th August - Millie Franks
Sunday 18th August - Joanne
Sunday 1st September - Acoustic Bliss
Sunday 8th September - Jason from MadBess
All bookings are for a period of two hours maximum - if a longer period is required please contact the King William IV directly to see if this is possible.

We are perched on the side of a hill with many steps and levels - as such we may not be a suitable venue for mobility challenged customers or parents with prams.

Booking is strongly advised on weekends, best available table will be allocated on arrival.

For parking assistance please use our parking page.